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Full Life Cycle Residential Product Line

Shimao real estate development, with the aim of creating the best quality projects, has continued to build and improve the product power with its 30 years of experience in high-end residential development, upholding the "craftsmanship spirit", covering the whole life cycle of customers with the product system, completing the iterative upgrade of residential standardization and enhancing the market competitiveness.

Starting with the subtle needs of customers, Shimao carries out intensive research and innovation on its residential products, while stabilizing the leading edge of high-end products, it pays attention to the insight into the pain points of customers with rigid demand, improvement demand and high-end demand and the elaboration of products, and successively launch the whole life cycle residential product systems such as Yun Series, Shine Age Series, Guofeng Series, Honor of China Series and LongYin Series, which can solve the pain points of customers and provide products recognized by the market.

“Cloud Series”

Meaning dreams and the future
Satisfying the longing for a better life

Representative project:
Shanghai Shimao Cloud
Project description:
Shimao Yuntu, a M residential area with refined decoration delivered by Shimao. The project is located at the intersection of Linhai Highway and Shangnan Road, bordering Qiantan in the west and Disney in the east, with neoclassical architecture and 4D landscape green valley. The park-like beauty created by nearly 100 kinds of humanized design details, as well as the five science and technology fine decoration series, return the exquisite that life should have.

“Shine City Series”

Meaning success and glory
Booming the shine age in life

Representative project:
Gu'an Shimao Shine City
Project description:
It advocates "restore first, then design", incorporating factors such as architecture, environment, city and emotion into the living situation, not only creating residence, but also brewing a different lifestyle. Build high-level works, set a benchmark for human settlement, and present a model for human settlement for the Pearl of South Beijing.

“Classic Chinese Chic Series”

Meaning inheritance and reconstruction
Expressing cultural heritage and prosperity feelings

Representative project:
Fuzhou Shimao Classic Chinese Chic Kuliang
Project description:
The first volume of Guofeng Series begins with the century-old love for Kuliang. Its central idea is to learn from traditional classics, find the context of regional culture, reshape the Chinese-style living ideal in the new era, and express the prosperous scene of a great powerful country.

“Royal Series”

Meaning scarcity and collection
Highlighting scarce resources and tripod-level lifestyle

Representative project:
Beijing Shimao Xishan Loong palace
Project description:
With the standard of "inheriting from the Forbidden City", Shimao Xishan LongYin replicates the opulence of royal architecture in ancient China. The garden construction traces back to the royal gardening technique, taking "cultural enlightenment" as the core concept, inheriting and reviving Chinese traditional architectural culture and garden culture, and creating a unique collection in the market.

“Honor of China”

Meaning appreciation and praise
Conveying luxury quality and aesthetic art

    Representative project:
    Nanjing Shimao Tianyu
    Project description:
    Nanjing Shimao Tianyu has created an unprecedented landmark residence of the era with the appearance of a world city. Create a spire lifestyle with the horizon of the sky, and break through the impression of a luxury house, making the residence itself a work of art. The master quality that is comparable to international luxury houses has built a highly appreciated and praised global asset for Nanjing.